We recommend the following list of guidelines for healthy relationships that we use to help us keep our relationship in great shape:

1. We never say anything in the midst of an upset that we do not absolutely mean!

2. We never leave each other’s company if there is an upset between us; we must resolve the upset first!

3. We never go to sleep at night with an upset between us. We must resolve it first!

4. When we have a difference of opinion, we surrender to which ever opinion will further our relationship most!

5. We are always committed to our partner having what they want and what they ask for!

6. Each of us will ask for what we want and take what we get joyfully. We never ask for something that we know our partner cannot give; and we do ask for things that will make them stretch!

7. Whenever our partner is upset we look at our self to find out why we’re having them be upset. How is it that we are responsible for having them be upset? Then we communicate together what we noticed and clean out what has been between us!

8. When we are upset we ask our partner what they see going on with us. We then make them right about what they see!

9. We keep our partner present with us even when we’re not physically together. That means we think of them and feel them present with us!

10. We demonstrate our love for him/her by sending flowers, writing love letters, taking him/her out to special places, candlelight dinners and treat him/her like the king or queen he/she is!

We know that if you follow theses ground rules it will help you improve your relationship.

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