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The Positive Parenting Program, The Alivening Weekend Program and The Dynamic Relationships Program, plus guided meditations to help you Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Sleep Better, and more. 


You may purchase any of the courses and lessons available for immediate access on line or you may become a Subscriber and have access to all of our programs on line and listen to them by subscribing with a recurring monthly payment of $19.95 now. There is no contract so you may cancel your subscription at any time.
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Super Food for the Transformation Soul $76.95 now. Select
Dynamic Relationships $76.95 now. Select
Super Food for the Parents Soul $76.95 now. Select
Parental Disapproval Syndrome $76.95 now. Select
Super Food for the Prosperous Soul $76.95 now. Select
Conditions of Satisfaction for Life $12.95 now. Select
Super Food for Overcoming Depression $12.95 now. Select
Imaging with the Mind $12.95 now. Select
Relating to Your Significant Other $12.95 now. Select
Merge with God – Immortality $12.95 now. Select
Rediscovering Personal Integrity $12.95 now. Select
Lose Weight Now Meditation $7.95 now. Select
Stop Smoking Now Meditation $7.95 now. Select
Sleep Now Meditation $7.95 now. Select
Past Life Recall Meditation $7.95 now. Select
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