Have you ever wondered why it is that so many of us in our society are overweight and unhappy with our body, how we got this way and what we can do to change it?  Is it really just about nutrition and exercise or could there be something else we have yet to discover?

There are so many fad diets, weight supplements, and attention being focused on our weight problem that it’s often hard to discern what is fact and what is product endorsement. Many of us actually believe that weight is the problem and if we change our diet, replace some foods with other foods, read more books, follow a certain exercise routine, etc. that our weight problem will resolve and it may…temporarily. However, any one versed in problem solving knows the five steps in solving a problem are:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Brainstorm for solutions
  3. Pick a solution from the list made on number 2
  4. Take the action required by that solution
  5. Evaluate to see if the problem is solved. If not go back to number 1 and identify the problem then follow steps 2 – 5 again

Thinking that our weight is a problem affects our lifestyle, the kind of clothes we wear, the activities we will participate in and the way we live our life. Many of us do believe that weight is the problem when in fact our weight condition is actually a symptom of the problem.  Treating weight like it is the problem has created a multi-million dollar business for many companies however; it does not help everyone overcome a very real problem that is causing their weight condition.

Now you can lose weight naturally without fad diets, medication, drugs or alochol!

At the Careapy® Learning Channel we believe the problem causing our weight condition is the mental, spiritual, and emotional components of daily life.  What is the narrative in our mind, what thoughts are we having about our body that creates our weight condition? What emotions are being stimulated by those thoughts, when did we first begin having those thoughts and emotions? These are all questions that need to be answered if we are committed to changing the weight condition of our body to be ideally the way we want it to be, which makes weight the symptom, not the problem.  These questions are what we address in our weight meditation program.

We are convinced that our weight is exactly the way we say it is and exactly the way we say it isn’t due to what we are saying about it in the midst of feeling strong emotions. We will be right about our beliefs concerning our weight. To change our weight condition we must change our thoughts about our weight, about our food and about our body and about our lifestyle.

When we re-frame our narrative into a more positive direction our lifestyle will change, we will have more energy, feel better about our body, improve our self-esteem and gain more self-confidence thus improving our relationship with our self and with others.  A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy life.

Our 22 minute Weight Meditation uses relaxation, visualization, and imagination to help you discover your narrative and complete any negative thoughts and emotions you may be entertaining and replace them with positive affirmations and emotions thus shifting you into the actions needed to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

If you listen to the meditation every day for 30 days you will notice positive changes occur in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of your life.

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