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For all those precious children who have touched my life and stolen my heart—and their parents who have had the courage to love and teach them, I dedicate this series with my sincere appreciation of so many gifts they have given me.  Particularly the gift of joy!

 Barbara’s Positive Parenting course, written, developed and presented by Barbara Smyly, consists of six 2 hour intriguing, informative and helpful lessons to help parents win with their children. Each lesson has an audio recording of a live public seminar.

You can start with any lesson. Each one will help you with situations you are facing with your children.

Immediate access to Barbara’s Positive Parenting Program $76.95

With Positive Parenting, you can win as a parent, and your children can win with you as their parent!

Barbara’s Positive Parenting is an excellent program providing practical techniques currently recognized and accepted. The course recorded in a live seminar format is especially engaging as it provides parents with ways of handling the unexpected in the split second it is needed. Parents of all backgrounds and experiences with children of all ages will find it easy to relate to and learn from the program. Barbara’s unique style of explaining, communicating and facilitating this course makes it easy for everyone to understand and take advantage of her perspective on parenting.

Key Benefits of Positive Parenting

  • More positive communication with not only children but adults as well.
  • More positive self-esteem as a parent, teacher, caregiver, etc.
  • Clarity on what you want to teach the children you interact with.
  • Specific methods on how to change and influence negative behaviors.
  • How to positively interact with other adults regarding children in your care.
  • Identifying problems and problem-solving skills.
  • Promote family as a strong unit.
  • Defining our role in our child’s life at each different stage of their lives.

For more information contact Barbara directly: – 813 996-3659

Immediate access to the

Barbara’s Positive Parenting Program $76.95

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The Careapy Learning Channel offers 24/7 access to audio recordings of Positive Parenting, Personal Transformation and Dynamic Relationships seminars.

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