Dynamic Relationships CD CoverI’m single again and the teardrops keep falling! 

by Glenn Smyly all rights reserved…

Are you tired of being Single? Does that statement ring true to you?  Are you alone again and wonder why you always find the wrong people? Do you really want to get to the cause or source of what happens to you in relationship?  Well if you do then keep on reading.

We each have a decision about relationship that we made early in our life. That decision is the very foundation for our experience of relationship and goes with us into every relationship we become involved in.  It is usually made in the midst of an emotionally upsetting circumstance that happened to us (or to our parents) when we were young.  Some of the decisions people have shared with us are “I’m not good enough”, I’m unlovable”, I’m not wanted”, “relationships don’t work” etc. Do you ever have any of those thoughts?

While growing up and watching our parent’s relationship, (the first relationship we were exposed to) we took a stand about relationship; we said what relationship was like. This decision became our belief about relationship and when we grew up and started to be in relationship we either did it exactly the same or exactly the opposite as our parents did their relationship. Neither of which work however.

We are living out of a Stand – a self-fulfilling prophecy about relationship that we put in place and are now being right about.

The only way we can heal our self and become relationship-able is to take 100% responsibility for the circumstances that happen to us when we are in relationship.  The circumstances happen to us the way they do to make us right about our Stand about relationship.  We are the one common denominator in all our previous failed relationships. When we look to our-self as the cause of the circumstances instead of blaming our partner we regain our power and can resolve the issues that are bothering us.  We can’t change our partner, they do what they do out of the stand they have about relationship as well.

In order to find out what your stand about relationship is take a minute and repeat the following statement to yourself over and over and listen to each response your mind gives you every time you say the statement.

“The Truth About Relationship Is”   ”  –   The Truth About Relationship Is”

Now what kind of responses did your mind give you?  Were they positive?  Were they negative?  Does your mind support your having a successful loving relationship?  Would you want to be in relationship with someone who held those beliefs about relationship?

If your beliefs about relationship are not positive and supportive then you may want to change them by creating a set of positive statements to repeat over and over daily until they become your foundation belief system.  Here are some powerful positive affirmations you might use:

  • All my relationships are loving and nurturing
  • I am 100% responsible for the condition of my relationship
  • I now create a King/Queen relationship
  • My successful relationships create more successful relationships
  • I give and receive love freely in my relationship

 Good Luck and God Bless You!

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