Do you believe in DestinyDo you believe in destiny? Today is Wednesday, and I am writing to ask for your help and support in reaching a goal we have for February 5th.

On February 23rd Barbara and I will be celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary. Over the years from time to time, when life circumstances were tough, Barbara would write me an intimate, passionate love poem which inspired me to keep on keeping on. Now we have selected six of those poems and brought them to our friend Alan, who is a singer/songwriter in his own right, and asked him to write music to the poems and turn them into inspirational love songs. Next we went to a recording studio with our friend, Rebecca Bridges, a Nashville recording artist, and recorded all six of those love poems turned into Country/Rock songs with a positive, inspirational, uplifting and hopeful message, which is truly needed in today’s world.

We recently signed a distribution agreement with Tune core, who has released our debut single song “Do You Believe in Destiny?” on iTunes, Google Plus, Amazon music, Spotify and many other online music stores, with a launch date of February 5th.

Also we have begun a pre-sales campaign where you can go to hear a 90 second demo of the song, like it on iTunes, write a positive review and then share it with your family, all of your social media contacts, friends, and love ones. You can also be among the first to pre-order the song at the discounted price of only 99 cents for delivery on February 5th.

To listen to our demo of “Do You Believe in Destiny?” come to:

Or for streaming go to

I am writing today to ask for your support in achieving the goal we have set which is to have “Do You Believe in Destiny?” be number 1 on the iTunes chart when it is launched on February 5th. All pre-orders will be added in on that day. It is our intention to have the world begin to realize that love can heal all through this medium of music.

If you would extend our invitation to all of your social media connections it would go a long way to ensure us of achieving our goal of making “Do You Believe in Destiny?” number 1 on the iTunes chart February 5th.

We hope you enjoy the song and thank you for considering our request.

~ Glenn and Barbara Smyly

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