Conscious-Connected Breathing is a powerful and beautiful process difficult to define or summarize. It must be experienced and discussed on many levels. Its implications and overtones are vast. The process begins with simple relaxation and breathing techniques, but it would be misleading to imply that this is all there is. For this reason, the actual session is preceded by a seminar or consultation. This opens the channel and prepares the intellect for the amazing experience that is to follow.

There are many who claim that a newborn baby has no consciousness, but those who have re-experienced their births in the breathing process know differently.

The trauma of birth, the pain of breathing that first searing breath, creates a holding pattern. From that point on, the person’s breath is inhibited. It is common knowledge that most people barely breathe. The breathing induces a deeper, less inhibited breathing. The person doing the breathing gets reconnected with the very first time he or she ever breathed fully, which was at birth.

You lie down. You make yourself comfortable. The facilitator, dedicated to providing you with a high-quality experience, coaches your breathing. You feel warm, secure and safe. The environment is loving and supportive. Mystics, psychics, yogis, enlightened Masters— all have known for centuries the incredible power of combining thought and breath.

In the breathing process images, feelings, sights, sounds and impressions long buried begin to surface. Sometimes emotions buried for years come right out in outbursts of laughter or tears. You keep breathing and fears melt. You move on through the experience and it deepens. You sense the presence of the Divine, and you sense too, your resistance to your own divinity.

And then a wondrous thing happens. You actually touch your inner Self….. Many call it the Divine Infant ……the spirit, the soul, the essence of who you are and where you came from. You keep breathing. You get deeper insights into your patterns, your negative mind structures, your fears, and your strengths. Breathing — and the presence of the facilitator — brings it up. The experience is sometimes blissful, sometimes painful. Body sensations of tingling and paralysis may or may not occur. There is nothing to fear.

And then — the releases. Suddenly, the “you” you always thought was in control of your breath¬ing process takes a back seat. Instead of you breathing your breath, your breath breathes you! As you connect up with your inner breath, you are actually connecting up with your inner self. You merge with your breath, flowing, glowing, soaring, relaxing profoundly, your mind melting into your spirit, surging, awakening your inner being, and the quiet sounds of your soul. You relax more; you breathe fully and freely. And then, just when you think you’ve relaxed more than humanly possible, breathed more fully that any day since your birth, the releases wash over you, first the breathing release, then the energy release — a Cosmic Orgasm. When you open your eyes, you realize you’ve been touched with something —someone —incredible, beautiful, moving, and real.

The breathing process usually goes on over several sessions. Most people get to the breathing release by the fifth session, with accompanying energy releases. When this level is achieved, the person’s breathing will have been forever changed. It is important to remember the power of combining thinking and breathing. A person, who combines breath with high quality thoughts, can bring about positive and lasting changes. And that is the real power of Conscious-Connected Breathing.

Sessions usually last from one to two hours, and are spaced from four to ten days apart. The number of sessions necessary to reach a point of completion varies from person to person. Your facilitator will work with you only if you agree to work toward completion. Although Conscious-Connected Breathing is powerful and therapeutic, it is not therapy. If you are ready and open to rapid, positive changes in your life, then Conscious-Connected Breathing is for you.

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