Personal Education for normal people with normal concerns. A lot has happened since the last time we published on our Blog and our focus is on building and launching our Legacy, our powerful “Careapy® Learning Channel”, an online self-help, self-improvement, and self- development website for normal people with normal concerns who have experienced catastrophic or traumatic events in their life and need support in healing the mental, spiritual and emotional damage caused by those significant events.

For years we have audio and video recorded many of our live Seminars, Workshops, One Day Seminars and Retreats and now wish to make them available to people worldwide on our “Careapy® Learning Channel” website via our Careapy® Subscription plan meant to inspire.

How Does It Work?

For a nominal monthly fee of only $19.95 per month people around the world can participate and listen to the Dynamic Relationships Training, The Power of Positive Parenting Course, The Money Makeover Series and the actual Alivening Weekend Retreat as well as thirty five individual audio seminars and video seminars in the privacy of their homes. They will be able to take advantage of our electronic manuals to do the writing exercises as well as experience the electronic version of the guided meditations we use.

About Careapy

The Careapy Learning Channel offers 24/7 access to audio recordings of Positive Parenting, Personal Transformation and Dynamic Relationships seminars.

Hands heartHeal, forgive and integrate life’s lessons. Live with more enthusiasm, honesty and love.

Enjoy more positive interactions with your children. Prepare them for a healthy, happy life.

Bring more love, excitement and satisfaction into your relationships.

Plus guided meditations to help you Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Sleep Better, and more.

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