Turning Point Moments:

We all have had very powerful turning Point Moments in our life. A Turning Point Moment is when a very emotionally upsetting circumstance occurred in our life and we made a decision that altered the direction our life was headed for.

That event was so upsetting and so emotional that we took a stand and spoke very powerfully about what was true for us and that stand became a self fulfilling prophecy.

Some of us are living our life based on one or more of these turning point moments from so long ago we can’t even remember the event that happened. Most of us however, can and do remember the event, the emotion, ie: shame, guilt, embarrassment, etc, and the decision we made about our life at that time. We now can see the results of that decision in our life today.

One of the turning point moments in my life happened when I was in high school.

When I was between 9 and 12 years old I played Little League Baseball and I was pretty good at it. I played catcher and third base and I made the All Star Team each year I played. Then in Middle School I was the best player on the team with the highest batting average and player of the year. My dream was to be a professional baseball player.

Now when I got to High School I was all excited to try out for the schools baseball team. I was confident that I would make the team easily. I was good don’t you know.

Well on the day of tryouts, my Turning Point Moment happened.

In the locker room when getting dressed for try outs, the rawhide string that held the fingers on my glove together broke. This was the same glove I had used for all those years playing ball and the glove was really worn out. I didn’t know what the impact of that rawhide string breaking on the glove would have on my ability to field ground balls but I wasn’t worried. I knew how to field grounders.

When the coach started infield practice, I was the first player to try out for third base. When he hit the ball to me I went for it, it hit my glove and bounced right back out. “Oh well” I thought, I will get the next one. He hit the ball to me again and the ball bounced right back out of my glove. I missed it again. This went on for 5 times with the ball bouncing out of the glove each time. After missing 5 straight times I was so embarrassed and humiliated I walked off the field and never played baseball again.

That event was a turning point in my life. I could have communicated with the coach, showed him my broken glove, asked him for a catcher’s mitt and continued with try outs but I didn’t. I walked off the field and never played again.

The dream I had of being a professional base ball player was gone, just like that. My life turned in a different direction based on what I said or didn’t say at that time. I know that if I had played baseball my life would have had a very different outcome than it has had. I wouldn’t have been able to help so many people in my seminars, workshops and retreats.

So what I am saying is that you have powerful turning point moments in your life that have changed the direction of your life. If you can recognize them you can discover your own personal power that you used to change the direction of your life in those moments. Your own personal power was invoked to change the very course of you life.

Make a list of some of the main turning point moments of your life:

1) _____________________________________________________________
2) _____________________________________________________________
3) _____________________________________________________________
4) _____________________________________________________________
5) _____________________________________________________________

Now go over each one and notice how your response to each one of those moments changed the course of your life. Then notice how each one of those turning point moments brought you to where you are in your life right now.

Does noticing how you made the decisions you made in the midst of emotion bring about the circumstances of you life to be exactly the way they are and exactly the way they aren’t empower you to recognize that you have the power to change the direction of your life today?

By giving your word with emotion you can alter the circumstances, events, and situations facing you in your life today. If you look at your life, are the circumstances in your life happening the way you want them to? If not give your word with emotion to change them to how you truly want them to be.

Remember when we give our word with emotion, when we take a stand, it invokes our personal power and the circumstances happen the way they do to make us right about that stand.

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