Every Tuesday morning I get together with a group of between twenty five and thirty wonderful business leaders who are all committed to helping each other build their business and make each other more successful.

At a recent meeting we had an activity designed to have us use our imagination and describe the colors of each day of the week and why we chose the color for each day.

I immediately chose the colors of the rainbow.

Starting on Monday my color was red as it is the color representing the first Chakra or Energy Center in the body at the base of our spine. This energy center keeps us grounded and balances the energy in our body.

For Tuesday my color was orange. This color energizes, vibrates and activates the sexual and creative energy center surrounding the belly button.

Next came Wednesday and my color was yellow. The energy center affected by the yellow color is the power center in the area of the solar plexus near the breast bone in the chest.

On Thursday my color turned to green. The color of green energizes, activates and vibrates the heart center, the love center in the chest.

Fridays color is blue and energizes and activates the throat center or the power of the spoken word. This color helps with communication and speaking abilities.

Now Saturdays color is purple and impacts the intuition center in the middle of your forehead just between the eyebrows and energizes your inner knowing and psychic ability.

On Sunday the color is violet and best energizes and activates the crown center in the very top of our head and helps regulate our spiritual connection with God.

All of these colors combine to form pure white light from which all things are composed and this pure white light can support us in healing all circumstances and conditions that are present in our life today.

Colors also have a vibration that affects the physical body.

A healthy physical body vibrates at between 60 and 72 hertz while a sick body slows down and vibrates at 58 hertz. There is a mechanism that regulates the rate of vibration of our physical body and that mechanism is controlled by our own thoughts. Have you ever noticed that when you are depressed and unhappy how heavy you feel, sometimes you can hardly even move? It is because the vibration of your body has slowed down and it makes you feel heavier.

When you are healthy, happy, alive and in love the physical vibration of your body speeds up and you feel more excited, vibrant, alive and more buoyant. In order to maintain your health you must manage your mind and focus your thoughts on love, praise, gratitude, and success and your body will respond accordingly.

This phenomenon was demonstrated when researchers showed people comic movies for hours and noticed a difference in peoples physical healing processes and abilities.

The more you manage your mind and focus your thought on the things you do want to happen instead of focusing on all the things you don’t want to happen, you will notice a difference in how you feel, how your body feels and how you experience your life.

We have seen people have miraculous healing happen when they began paying attention to their thoughts and would only entertain positive, happy and enjoyable thoughts. You can as well, give it a try and enjoy the return to health that is the natural state of the body.

Glenn Smyly, Director of Alivening, LLC.

Good luck and God bless you and your relationships.

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