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Glenn & Barbara SmylyCareapy® is our brand of resilience training and education to support people in the art of self-healing by revealing and treating the underlying causes at the foundation of their physical circumstances.


The Careapy® Learning Channel consists of a Library of powerful seminars, workshops, and courses audio and video recorded in live private and public presentations and made available for you on the internet.

Programs include: the Alivening Weekend Retreat, Dynamic Relationships Training, the Power of Positive Parenting Course, the Parental Dissaproval Snydrome, the Money Makeover Series,  and the Leadership Series.

There are also numerous audio and video recorded live individual seminars on various topics of interest such as Overcoming Fear of Success, Conditions for Satisfaction in Life, Imaging with the Mind, Overcoming Fear of Failure and Overcoming Fear of Intimacy.

Subscribers to the Careapy® Learning Channel will enjoy immediate access to the most powerful self-help, self-improvement, self-development, and self-healing seminars, workshops, and retreats available on the Internet today in the privacy of their homes and at a nominal recurring monthly fee.

Listening to these life changing programs will help subscribers reduce tension and stress, raise their self-esteem, improve their self-image, increase their self-confidence and strengthen their resilience. When you listen to our programs you will begin to experience more energy, joy, health, happiness, peace, love and aliveness in your life.

Subscribe for only $19.95 a month and begin to immediately access these varied and helpful seminars, workshops and retreats in the privacy of your home, whenever and wherever you desire, and on your favorite technology devices.

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