Glenn Smyly PicturePast life recall is a subject embraced by many people.

In my forty three year career in providing self-help seminars, workshops, retreats and consultations I have had the opportunity to assist many of our clients who have been on a personal spiritual purification journey and they have often asked me to help them explore their previous lifetimes. In response to their request I co-wrote, facilitated and recorded a 22 minute eyes closed Past Life Recall Meditation which uses visualization, imagination, relaxation and includes a regression designed to help them go back in time to explore a previous significant life experience.

Some of the experiences people have reported to me after listening to the meditation have been extraordinary to say the least and I will share some of them with you without revealing any of their confidential information. One such related experience in the Past Life Recall Meditation:

“In the Past Life Recall meditation I found myself in a lifetime in which I was the Captain of a gun running ship. People hired me and gave me their money to go buy a lot of guns for them which I did, however on the way back with the guns I had an emotional epiphany and realized that those guns would be used to hurt a lot of people, so I threw all the guns overboard. When I returned home without the guns or the money those buyers became very angry and the way they punished me was to blindfold me, tie my hands behind my back and make me walk the plank. In the meditation while I was blindfolded and walking the plank in that lifetime, suddenly a wave of emotion, a wave of excitement physically washed over me in this lifetime as I realized that who I am wasn’t going to die. They thought they were hurting me but they weren’t because I wasn’t going to die.”

Who we are doesn’t die. We just leave this physical body behind and go back home.

Another experience in the Past Life Recall Meditation:

“In my Past Life Recall meditation I went back to a life experience in which I found myself as a Geisha girl in Japan. My job was to provide services to my Samurai Warrior. It wasn’t a happy time for me and I experienced a great deal of upset in my relationship with him. One day we had a disturbing argument and I told him he was terrible in bed. His response to my insult was to take out his sword and cut off my head! That ended my life in that lifetime.”

The following is a story of a family of four and their experience of being in a past life together and further confirms the idea that we have in fact lived in previous life times:

One evening when a mother was tucking her 3 year old daughter into bed, saying her prayers and preparing her to go to sleep her daughter suddenly said, “Mommy you were my sister.” Her mother was surprised and said, “What did you say?” Her daughter said again, “You were my sister.” Her now flabbergasted mother said, “Do you mean before, like in a previous life time together?” Her daughter laughed and replied, “Of course silly you were my sister.” Her mother sat there in stunned silence and then her daughter stated, “My brother was my husband.”  Her brother was six years older than her and they have acted like an old married couple who bickered over everything. After her mother could speak again she asked her daughter, “Well who was Daddy?” and her daughter replied, “Oh! Daddy was the Dream Maker.” All of this came from a 3 year old who was remembering her experience of being with her family in a previous lifetime.

Now, you may be wondering why you should investigate your previous life times, what difference can it make in this lifetime or how may it be affecting you in this lifetime. For instance, a man shared his regression experience with us as follows: He reported that in his past life regression he was a Knight in shining armor in King Arthur’s Court and was in a Joust when he was impaled in his abdomen by his opponents lance and killed. In this lifetime his appendix burst and he had to have emergency surgery which left some very ugly scarring in the same area of his abdomen.

The past life regression helped him understand how he was responsible for injuring his body in this lifetime by carrying over the injury from his previous lifetime.
Was this just a coincidence or was it an actual past life experience being acted out again in this lifetime? We believe it truly was a past life experience. What do you think?

So as you can see, people can remember their past life experiences and can use them to gain information that could be helpful in resolving reoccurring issues affecting them in this lifetime. You can also gain insight into any troublesome conditions happening in your life today which will help you deal with them more effectively when you choose The Past Life Recall Program available at the Buy Button below for only $7.95 or become a full access member of the Careapy® Learning Channel.

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~ Glenn