This Home Study Distance Learning/E-Course is presented as a way to support you in having the Prosperity and Wealth in your life you truly deserve.

We have been sharing this program with people for over 33 years and many of them have reported major shifts in their relationship with Money and Wealth.

Most people participating in The Money Seminar have doubled and even tripled their income by completing the prescribed exercises as they are presented in this Distance Learning Course.  

The Distance Learning Electronic Course consists of a workbook (with room for written exercises) audio mp3 file of each lesson in the Money Seminar recorded live and a mp3 copy of the eyes closed relaxation visualization process that helps you reveal the truth about your decision about Money and change it if you need to.

Money Makeover Lessons:

Lesson 1)  Core Decisions or Stands About Money
Lesson 2)  Power of Integrity with Money
Lesson 3)  Cleaning up the Past with Money
Lesson 4)  Cleaning up the Emotions with Money
Lesson 5)  The Natural Law of Earning
Lesson 6)  The Natural Law of Spending
Lesson 7)  The Natural Law of Saving
Lesson 8)  The Natural Law of Investing
Lesson 9)   Money in Relationship
Lesson 10) Problem Solving Techniques
Lesson 11) The Power of Goal Setting

This Distance Learning Course will provide you with a firm foundation to enjoy your money, have a sense of peace and be free from worry about it.

Results participants reported:

My “Money Makeover” was fun, exciting and within 30 days I received a $2,500 Bonus and a $2,500 Raise.”  Carol C. –  Bogota, NJ

“My Money Makeover was enjoyable, pain free, and within 9 months, my income increased from $20,000 to $200,000 a year.” Donnie M.  –  Sterling, NJ

“I was a skeptic and I laughed a lot at my “Money Makeover;” but the next day Ireceived a $3,000 bonus and a 5% increase in my salary. It worked. Now I am a believer!” – Phil H.- Cranford,NJ

Results can vary and may not be typical.