We pray that 2023 will be the most abundant, prosperous and best year ever for all of our friends, family and loved ones.

One of our biggest goals for this new year is to help you reach the goals you have declared for yourself by making you a gift of our Money Seminar on The Careapy® Learning Channel.

We hope you enjoy this audio seminar recorded in a live presentation that includes a short meditation to help you clear any unconscious blocks you may have to your success and prosperity…

Many people who participated in this seminar have doubled their income and their net worth shortly after completing it and so can you…


Now enjoy this eyes closed process that uses relaxation, visualization, and imagination to help you examine your original decisions you made about money the first time you had an experience with money and change any of them that are keeping you from receiving the abundance available to you.


We hope you have enjoyed listening to our money seminar and received value from it. There are many more audio recorded seminars and meditations available on our web site for a nominal fee or you may have access to all of our audio recorded seminars as a subscriber to the Careapy® Learning Channel….

We would appreciate it if you would share your experience of the seminar and meditation in the comment section below or send me an email to glenn@careapy.com. Thank you.

If you would like to make a contribution to help us provide our programs to others you may do so at www.paypal.me/gsmyly. We appreciate your generosity.

Thank you all and may you have a very successful and prosperous year….