Personal coaches, Barbara and Glenn Smyly, are now offering to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom discovered from their interactions with thousands of people over the past 35 years, through a new Mentoring Program to help people gain success in reaching their goals by clearing away hidden subjective and unconscious negative beliefs and barriers that are blocking them from achieving their success.

The three types of programs are the Silver Program, the Gold  Program and the Platinum Program.

  • The Silver Mentoring Program provides two 30 minute audio/video Skype sessions a week for 10 weeks in which Barbara and Glenn will support you in discovering what your core beliefs are about you and your success and help you build a firm foundation for your success…
  • The Gold Mentoring Program provides two 1 hour audio/video Skype sessions a week for 10 weeks and covers all of what is included in the Silver Program plus alternative methods to unlock any blocks you have to success and to build upon your success…
  • The Platinum Mentoring Program provides two 1.5 hour audio/video Skype sessions a week for 10 weeks and covers all of what is included in the Gold Program plus additional methods and techniques used to help you create a positive foundation for greater success…

Alternative methods used in these Skype sessions include but are not limited to, Personal consultations, Rebirthing sessions, Tapping sessions, Regression sessions and Progression sessions. They will address goal setting, problem solving and improving communication skills for success. Also included are support in developing your vision,  your mission and your purpose statement in life and business.

Through their mentoring efforts people who have participated with Barbara and Glenn in their programs have tripled their income and doubled their net worth quickly after completing the program and you can too.

The tuition for the 10 week courses are as follows:

  • Silver Mentoring Program            10 weeks       $750
  • Gold Mentoring Program             10 weeks       $1250
  • Platinum Mentoring Program      10 weeks        $1750

Please submit your request to participate and indicate which program you will participate in as well as a $25.00 deposit to

Thank you, we look forward to supporting you in achieving your greater success….

Barbara and Glenn