Frank Bellizio

I met Glenn through network meetings and learned of his experience in relationships and finance. Over the years I have drawn on his experience and learned much. The biggest asset that sets Glenn apart from others is that he listens before he...

Joe Morrison

My experience with Glenn, Barbara and the Alivening Project has been life changing! Glenn and Barbara are amazing and inspiring people who really helped me to make the changes I needed to make in order to achieve the happiness and success I desired. Thanks Glenn and...

Iris Bakker

Barbara and Glenn Smyly have been my life coach, my spiritual guide and a very important part of my self development for many years. Barbara and Glenn have always provided support when I wanted answers. Their work has made a difference in my...

Joe Robinson

Glenn and his wife Barbara are great motivational trainers. They are on the leading edge of providing their students with self help information. Attending one of their seminars can be a life changing experience.

Louis Mckenzie

Glenn and Barbara Smyly are one of my best teachers. Even after 26 years I still remember and use the things, techniques and principals I learned while working and learning with them.