Road Map to Success


 Roadmap to Success

America’s Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies

Ken Blanchard & Stephen Covey join

Glenn and Barbara Smyly 

How do busy people become successful?

Presenting Glenn and Barbara Smyly, Ken Blanchard & Stephen Covey and thirteen successful authors in an exceptional compilation of resourceful people who will tell you how they learned how to be successful. They will share with you their secrets and reveal some remarkable insights on how to set goals in life and how to accomplish those goals.

Glenn and Barbara are World Class Public Speakers, Master Facilitators, and Premiere Philosophers who have helped thousands of people improve their lives in many varied Alivening Programs, Weekend Retreats, Workshops, and Courses presented over the past thirty five years.

How do busy people become successful?

Their information on Leadership and Success presented in “Roadmap to Success” is thought provoking, mentally stimulating and philosophically intriguing and will help readers discover their vision, map out their mission and begin their own personal journey to success.

Roadmap to Success, is a mini-seminar on how to plan for your success. The successful people in this book have the experience that will help you find what you need to create your Roadmap. These perceptive business people were fascinating as they unfolded their own personal Roadmaps and told me about their various success journeys.  I invite you to set aside some quiet time and learn from these exceptional authors. I assure you that your time won’t be wasted. It’s not often that you can access such a large quantity of quality information that will either get you started or help you get further along on your road to success. This book is an investment in your future—your successful future! 

Disclaimer: This book is a compilation of ideas from numerous experts who have each contributed a chapter. As such, the views expressed in each chapter are of those who were interviewed and not necessarily of the interviewer….

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