Before accepting our invitation to participate in The Careapy® Learning Channel opportunity, you must understand that these courses are a unique way to confront various situations which may cause emotional distress. It is with this understanding that you agree to participate in these courses and that your entire participation from the beginning to the completion of these courses is completely voluntary and that you are not under any obligation, pressure or the like from anyone to make you participate.

You further understand that you are solely responsible for your own physical and emotional well-being and the value you may or may not receive from listening in on these courses you agree to release Careapy®, Alivening, LLC, Alivening Publications, Barbara and Glenn Smyly, and any and all agents, servants and/or employees of The Careapy® Learning Channel from any and all liability arising out of your participation in these courses and any behaviors you may exhibit from your participation afterward. I understand the basis for my participation in The Careapy® Learning Channel and I voluntarily accept all of the terms and conditions stated above.

I wish to accept your invitation so please enroll me in The Careapy® Learning Channel.