All In The Name of Love


All in the Name of LoveAll In The Name Of Love is a Hardcover 142 page book that contains a wealth of character education, spiritual psychology and personal development information.  This information was uncovered, discovered, written and developed by Barbara and Glenn Smyly while presenting their Alivening programs.  

The book, All In The Name Of Love,  provides timely information that will help you in your relationships, with money, sexuality, health, spirituality and responsibility.  Reading this book will empower you to improve all relationships in your life whether it is with your spouse, your parents, your children, your boss or your employees. 


  • Understand what is causing the circumstances to happen the way they do
  • Discover how taking responsibility returns you to power
  • Learn how powerful you are when you give your word with emotion
  • Find peace in relationships through the power of forgiveness
  • Acknowledge your divinity and connection with God
  • See how money is affected by your early decisions in life. 

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